Nadine Faraj makes watercolour paintings with raunchiness, humor, tenderness and soul. She paints portraits and sexualized figures in varying degrees of abstraction often drawn from the worlds of pornography and erotica. Her fluid style allows her figures to emerge as deeply psychological and emotional beings, with a full sense of their humanity. Recently, her works have addressed issues of human rights, LGBTQI activism, feminisms and sex and body positivity.

Faraj completed her MFA degree at the School of Visual Arts in New York City (2015), and her BFA degree at Concordia University in Montreal (2002). Faraj's solo exhibitions include: Naked Revolt at Anna Zorina Gallery, New York (2016); The Whole World Has Gone Joyously Mad (2016), and Miel Salé (2013) at Galerie Joyce Yahouda in Montreal; and Beacon/Phare at Articule Gallery in Montreal (2010). Her work was included in A.I.R. Gallery’s CURRENTS: Abortion, New York (2018); G.R.O.S.S. at Never Apart in Montreal (2017); Radical Love: Female Lust at Crypt Gallery in London, (2017); Three Women at Anna Zorina Gallery, New York (2015); Battle of the Masters at Open Gallery Space, New York (2015); and The Dubai International Art Symposium, UAE (2008).

Her paintings were featured on the cover of A Woman’s Thing Magazine (NY), as well as in Huffington Post (NY, UK), Elephant Magazine (UK), Huck Magazine (UK), Art F City (NY), CBC News (Canada), La Presse and Le Devoir (Quebec) and Gulf News (UAE).

Gallery links
Anna Zorina Gallery, New York
Joyce Yahouda Gallery, Montreal